onsdag, april 01, 2009

Maj månads bokcirkel

Book pile

Bild: Paul Watson

Nedan hittar du litteraturförslag till bokcirkeln den 14 maj på SCA. Lägg din röst i högermenyn senast den 14 april.

Twitter Power : how to dominate your market one tweet at a time

This is the business leader's guide to using Twitter to gain competitive advantage. Since 2006, forward-thinking companies like Apple, JetBlue, Whole Foods, and GM have discovered the instant benefits of leveraging the social media phenomenon known as Twitter to reach consumers directly, build their brand, and increase sales. Twitter is at the leading edge of the social media movement, allowing members to connect with one another in real time via short text messages - called 'tweets' - …

What would Google do : reverse engineering the fastest growing compnay in the history of the world

What's the question every business should be asking itself? According to Jeff Jarvis, it's WHAT WOULD GOOGLE DO? If you're not thinking or acting like Google -- the fastest-growing company in the history of the world -- then you're not going to survive, let alone prosper, in the Internet age. An indispensable manual for survival and success that asks the most important question today's leaders, in any industry, can ask themselves: What would Google do? To demonstrate how to emulate Google, Jarvis lays out his laws of what he calls "the new Google century," including such insights as: Think …

Så fungerar Wikipedia : allt du behöver veta om hur man bidrar, om kritiken och om kvalitetssatsningarna av Lennart Gullbransson

Både privatpersoner och yrkesfolk hänvisar allt oftare till Wikipedia. Andra använder Wikipedia i hemlighet. Men hur fungerar egentligen den fria encyklopedin? I denna bok finns 244 sidor med fakta om vad som kallats 'den mänskliga kunskapens frigörelse' (The Economist). Boken innehåller också en exklusiv intervju med Wikipedias grundare, Jimmy Wales …

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